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Enquiry for Carton Boxes
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หัวข้อ : Enquiry for Carton Boxes
Enquiry for Carton Boxes 7 ปี, 7 เดือน ก่อน  
We are a PVC handbag manufacturer company, located in Phuket.


We would like to start with a first enquiry:

- Brown corrugated box, no printing
- Dimensions: 80 cm * 105 cm * 112 cm, in doubles walls (tri-plies). In case you have different qualities, please let us know the specifications.
Please let us know your minimum quantity, and if you can help to arrange for delivery in Phuket.

We are continuously developing our range of products, and we are studying our best options for packing our products altogether.

We are currently packing several products together, but soon we will also pack individually (for our design/decoration products) + master carton boxes.

Please let us know if you have standard dimensions, so we can assess if we can work on them too

We are looking for long-term supplying partner with whom we would work for all our packing needs.

Best regards

Elodie Pinel (Ms)

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